HKS Metals is the main supplier of steel and metal scrap to both Dutch and European steel manufacturers and foundries and as such maintains direct contact with the final processors.

Ferrous trading

Batches of scrap are purchased on a daily basis. Before any newly-bought materials are sold on, the steel scrap is first sorted and, if needed, processed further. The scrap produced by HKS Metals is of such high quality that it can be sold both nationally and internationally. National sales are transported by road, rail or across the water. International sales are mainly transported by water. Our export location in the ports of Rotterdam and Amsterdam plays a central role in the transfer service, as here our metal streams are bundled and sold across the globe.

Non-Ferrous trading

HKS Metals is engaged in the national and international purchase and sale of non-ferrous and alloyed metals. The material is treated and/or processed at our specially-equipped locations, in accordance with specific end-user requirements, such as analysis and dimensions, in the melting process. By means of joint consultation with both suppliers and purchasers, we aim to achieve the best possible logistics and service solutions, thereby guaranteeing the progress of the production process. The sale is centralized to prominent users in both western and eastern Europe, the United States and Asia. By bundling large quantities, we are interesting partners for purchasers. Thanks to an online connection with the London Metal Exchange (LME), our members of staff have the disposal of up-to-date price information on metals and currencies.


HKS metals is a national and international trader of Ferrous and Non-Ferrous metals. We supply buyers in Europe, the United States and the Far East. Thanks to continuous contacts with multiple foundries and processors, we are able to supply a large part of the available material to the end-user directly. At our locations in Amsterdam and ‘s-Gravendeel, various export qualities are bundled and prepared for shipping. Both sites are located near the global ports of Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Antwerp with excellent connections to Europe, the United States and the Far East. By maintaining regular contact with our buyers, HKS Metals has continuous access to valuable information such as, quality requirements, regulations and local developments.

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