Logistical support

In addition to processing your metal waste, HKS Metals organizes the total preliminary logistical process. To this end, HKS Metals has an extensive container fleet and we work together with renowned carriers who drive their vehicles in our company colours.

HKS Metals has an extensive network of national and international carriers who, in collaboration with HKS Metals, use the latest communication technologies. This enables us to serve our customers in the Netherlands within 24 hours and within 48 hours for other European countries.

National and international legislation with regard to the storage and transport of materials is highly complex. HKS Metals has specialized staff who can support you in meeting the various regulations. In certain cases we are also able to organize certain logistical activities, such as drawing up transport documents. We always provide a customized service when removing your metals, while continuously monitoring cost efficiency, safety and the environment.


Placing containers forms an important part in the overall processing of your metal waste. Hence we use various container types and sizes in order to collect your metal waste, in keeping with your wishes.

In addition to the deployment of our own equipment, we work closely together with renowned carriers who have extensive container fleets. This, among other things, enables us to place an extremely wide variety of containers with you onsite, in addition to highly specialist vehicles.

Examples include containers with volumes of 1m³, 10m³ to up to 50m³, open containers with lids and/or doors, liquid-proof battery trays and containers

Would you like to receive no-obligation advice on the collection and processing of your metal waste? Please feel free to contact one of our consultants so that we can discuss your entire, internal logistical waste process and determine the best possible collection method for you.

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