Industrial services

Partner in waste processing
The increasing need for diversification means that the focus of your operations more and more shifts onto production and that matters such as the removal and collection of metal waste must not be a disturbing factor with regard to your own production process. A fast transfer of residual substances is desired. This requires a waste partner who applies a problem-solving approach and who thinks further than collecting metal waste alone. We, HKS Metals, supply customized solutions specially geared to your company.

Individual approach

Not a single company is the same. Hence HKS Metals opts for an individual approach. In order to achieve the best possible deployment of men and resources, HKS Metals applies a fixed step-by-step in your company scan. Experience has shown that this approach, in addition to contributing to the correct deployment of resources in the short term, also secures maximum efficiency in your long-term methods of operation. We are proud that a large number of important industries have already opted for our approach and philosophy, expressed through our service package.

Investing in our customers

As explained, providing a service is more than collecting and processing metal alone. This, for example, is expressed in making solution-oriented investments, specifically geared to the individual customer. Restricting environmental factors the customer is confronted with (such as the location of the company and limited space available onsite) mean that standard solutions are often not in keeping with the customer’s personal wishes. We apply our expertise in order to achieve the correct conversion from problems to customized solutions.

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