Demolition activities

Through the years, HKS Metals gained a lot of experience in the guidance of numerous projects throughout the Netherlands. Examples include demolition projects, dismantling operations, replacement jobs and destruction activities, such as e.g. the destruction of products, rejects, shelf warmers etc.

Depending on your wishes, we are able to deploy the correct production method or destruction process. Major demolition objects are processed on liquid-proof work floors and prepared for recycling by means of flame cutting equipment.

Over the years, we have developed a unique processing method for the destruction of these types of special objects. We carefully register every step of the destruction process, using camera monitoring. We can therefore guarantee that these objects will not be re-offered in the market elsewhere.

HKS Metals works closely together with Scheepssloperij Nederland B.V. (SSN), which is situated within our site in ’s-Gravendeel, the Netherlands. This modern ship demolition slipway is used for the dismantling of e.g. ships and drilling platforms, as well as for the execution of specific, non-standard projects.

Since we provide a customized service, e.g. for special cases, the destruction can also take place within an enclosed room. In addition, if so desired, a company representative can be present or, if needed, a customs officer. After destruction of the objects presented by you, by way of documenting completion of the instruction, confidentiality is confirmed by means of a destruction certificate.

Ship breaking

This slipway makes it possible to adequately process large, industrial components. With a view to the nature and scope of these components or machines, they are often difficult to transport by road. Transport by water would be a solution in such cases. Processing is conducted entirely in accordance with current legislation and environmental requirements.

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