Progress through innovation. Thanks to our experience and continued investment in new developments, we use your metal waste to its maximum potential. In order to ensure highly effective processing, we use high-tech separation technologies, such as: Infrared (NIR), X-ray, metal sensor, NF fines processing, CAT scans and color sorting.


More than 100 years of experience in scrap processing. Stability, continuity and payment security. Highest Dun & Bradstreet rating in the sector. Appropriate certification for long-term partnerships. Fast payments and thorough administrative settlement. Guaranteed full-service solution.

Best price

Always competitively priced. Thanks to our innovative processing, nationwide coverage and global network, we are able to always offer the best price in combination with the desired service. We are the final link between the scrap market and the final processors, steel plants and foundries.


HKS means responsible recycling. We continue to realize this by means of a dedicated CSR manager and highly skilled personnel. Currently we are the only ones in the industry at CSR Performance Ladder level 4 and we were among the first parties in the sector with Weeelabex certification.

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