We are proud to announce that we are WEEELABEX-accredited.

Stefan van der Wekken, Operational Director of HKS: “This is a great result and a huge step forward in achieving our Corporate Social Responsibility objectives.”

WEEELABEX is a quality standard for the processing of electronics and electronic equipment. Following the European WEEE Directive, this standard came into force in the Netherlands on 1 July. Processing companies such as us must be WEEELABEX-accredited, in accordance with Dutch law. The WEEE Directive (Waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipment) is a directive of the European Union, stipulating policy requirements regarding a number of subjects such as reduction, maximum recycling and collection of the electronic waste stream. The WEEELABEX (WEEE label of excellence) is the quality label selected by the Dutch government which must ensure that the WEEE Directive is implemented. The WEEELABEX focuses on process control and the maximum recovery of value raw materials and is enforced by the ILenT.

Wy did HKS invest in a de-pollution line?

During the past few years, the stream of discarded electronic equipment has grown exponentially. In order to recover raw materials, part of this stream is dismantled manually and partly by machine. In order to meet the WEEELABEX requirements, any interferent such as PCB-containing capacitors, printed circuit boards, mercury-containing strip-lighting and batteries that have been identified must be removed from the material to be processed by us by machine. The de-pollution lines that have been built ensure that these interferents can be quickly removed so that the streams to be processed by us are as pure as possible.

How does the WEEELABEX certificate affect you?

The fact that HKS Metals processes discarded electronic equipment at a high-quality level and in an environmentally-responsible manner is no news to us. The WEEELABEX certificate is confirmation thereof to you. In addition to the fact that we have to comply with the law, we believe in a long-term vision in which processing methods and maximum use of raw materials are key. Our innovative sorting center in Amersfoort, the Netherlands, is an example thereof. If you are a supplier of HKS Metals, nothing will change for you now, except for the fact that you must comply with the law by submitting your electronic equipment to a WEEELABEX-accredited processing company. We take care of the entire procedure, including corresponding sorting processes, thereby guaranteeing you the best possible waste processing for you, ourselves and the environment.

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