HKS Scrap Metals B.V. has its origins in the recycling companies of the German steel company Klöckner of the eighties. The name HKS Metals however, was formed as of 1993 after the fusion of Klöckner with the recycling companies of the steel group Hoogovens Metals from IJmuiden (now Tata Steel).

In 1999, half of HKS’ shares were taken over by Steenkolen Handels Vereniging (SHV), a Dutch group from Utrecht and Thyssen Sonnenberg Recycling (TSR) from Duisburg. Corus, as it was called at the time, remained 50% co-owner of HKS. Less than a decade thereafter, SHV decided to sell its block of shares to a consortium comprising of: Remondis, Cronimet and Alfa Acciai.

After the summer of 2012 TSR, through its subsidiary Euro Scrap Alliance, took over the TaTa Steel block of shares. As a result, HKS Metals became a 100% subsidiary of TSR. In Europe, TSR is market leader in the field of metal recycling, boasting 150 branches and approximately 2600 members of staff in Europe.

Our six branches in the Netherlands provide nationwide coverage and are equipped with the latest production equipment and separation technologies, including scissors, shredders, presses, Eddy-Current systems and X-ray, color, infrared and sensor separators.

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