Acceptance conditions

In terms of the acceptance conditions, HKS Metals relies on the following four pillars:

  1. Safety - it is not hard to imagine the hazards our people can be exposed to in our sector. Gas cylinders in a melting furnace, asbestos within an enclosed storage space, toxic substances in drums. They are all examples of situations that bring unacceptable risks.
  2. Corporate Social Responsibility - not only are we responsible for our employees within our sector, but also for those around us. The environment, people and animals should not suffer as a result of our carelessness or even recklessness. Hence clear conditions of acceptance in combination with proper entry inspections are a requirement.
  3. Preservation of our reputation and relations on either side - HKS Metals attaches great value to the relationships it has built up in over a century. Not only does this apply to relationships with suppliers, but also to those with the buyers of HKS. HKS has a global reputation in supplying high-quality ferrous and non-ferrous materials. We do of course want to protect that reputation, as this, among other things, enables us to always receive and process your stream of metals at a competitive price and with prompt payment.
  4. Financial interest - our buyers also hold us to account in terms of the quality of our metals. The supply of metals of an inferior quality is met by high penalties and deductions. We pay high prices for the discharge and processing of residual substances delivered to us. The sanctions imposed by society in the event of treating that society without due care and attention are quite serious. In brief, this explains the background to our acceptance conditions. We trust this creates the necessary understanding for our policies
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